How I started JPWonderland

As we all know, 2020 is a difficult year. Our lives have changes dramatically ever since the start of Covid19. On April 7, circuit breaker begins, and I started to work from home. I realised I have gained a lot of free time and thought maybe I should start to do something.

I have always enjoyed drawing, so I thought, why not take this opportunity to start an account on Instagram and aim to post an art I drew daily. But what should I draw? This is when I turn to my dogs and everything just fall into place naturally. I started to think of a name, I wanted something to relate to myself. So, I choose to use the initial left of my name, Jessica Peh, JP and follow by a word to describe my fantasy world. That is how JPWonderland came about.

And here comes the no.1 main star of the show! My first dog, Xiaoxiao, a maltipoo. Here's a little profile intro about her. 

Xiaoxiao Profile - maltipoo


Do not be fooled by her appearance. She is a crafty little devil! She will spy your every move once she sees something she likes, she will not hesitate to make her move! She also loves to cuddle on your leg. She hates dogs. She believes she is a human and should not be mingling with other dogs. Hence, she does not understand why sometimes she’s not allowed on the bed.  

Here's the real Xiaoxiao!


II will introduce no.2 main star in my next post! Stay tune :D